Arin's Mission

Serving Others By Saving Others

  •  My outreach foundation would provide 100% confidential, residential Safe Housing for families fleeing a dangerous and domestic violent home.


  • 24 Hour Availability through the National Domestic Violence Hotline, through over flow from other coalition .

  • Provide resources for families rebuilding from exposure of a violent home.

  • In the future, be a resource to everyday woman trying to keep or get life on track from downfalls created at every aspect.

  • Through employment assistance and resources, resume writing, and assistance with classes to obtain a career path through a strong network of business professionals.

  • Upon establishing “Arin’s Closet”, a clothing donation program, we help provide woman with professional clothing for their job search.

  • Food pantries/hot meals provided through partnerships and donations with community businesses.

  • Establish laws and by-laws that are designed to build character self-esteem, and citizenship through a obtainable transition plan. That includes volunteer work and classes, with the goal of returning what’s learned to the Nest.

  • Teach young women how to be Ladies again, this new society has gotten away from being classy, educated and accomplished by establishing Girls Camp and Internships.